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What did you get up to on your Sunday? Make a nice roast? Sat about in your pyjamas? Maybe, if you were feeling unusually adventurous, you might have gone for a walk to the shops before they closed at 4pm. Chances are you didn’t jump out of a balloon floating 24 miles in the air.

But you may well have watched it. Read more

Porn is the internet’s unlikely master. Stop your snickering; adult websites are websites like any other, only in a lot of cases they’re much, much better. Much better than even the biggest names on the web, in fact. They have to be – there’s so many of them, so the need to be the best is paramount. Sound like a familiar situation?

Question is, then, what real, useful insight can you learn from the virtual smut peddlers? Lots, as it turns out. Read more

Where’s this massive HDTV from Apple, then? We’ve been waiting for the company to lift the lid on its rumoured display for a while now, but has it just completely changed its plans? The word is that getting more partners on board is now the main focus. Will Sky be among them? Read more

The Google Nexus 7 tablet is landing later this month. It represents the best in Android for an insanely low price, but will a serious lack of content affect its success on these shores? Read more

Impressed by the Tupac hologram from the Coachella festival the other day? Wish you were there? Well, it’s a bit late now, but what if you could catch these sorts of things in HD from now on for a small price? That’s exactly what Facebook’s beginning to offer, and it could be bad news for Sky. Read more


Finally. While the Wii and the PS3 have had the BBC iPlayer nestled inside their firmware for some time now, getting it into Microsoft’s flagship console has been a lengthy battle. Thankfully, that’s a battle that’s just been won: The BBC iPlayer has landed on the Xbox 360. Full, free and in HD. Read on for the full details. Read more

Yesterday LG revealed that it’ll be bringing a new Google TV-enabled 3D set with it to CES 2012. The news marks round two for Google TV, having thus far struggled to make a name for itself in the Smart TV market. With lofty claims suggesting it’s now Google TV’s time to shine, how can it do enough to beat Apple’s upcoming offering? Read more

Amazon-owned Lovefilm has signed a major new deal with the BBC and ITV to provide its online streaming arm a much-needed shot full of juicy content. Read more

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