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Google’s busy beavering away on its Project Glass Android eyewear, convinced of the notion that we’ll all one day be walking around with computers strapped to our faces. Whether that takes off or not remains to be seen, but either way we’ve just stumbled across a concept that puts it to shame: these are ‘Instaglasses’, and we want them. Read more

Nokia X10 concept packs quad-core processor and 15-megapixel cameraEarlier today we showed you a report from Pyramid Research forecasting the rise of Windows Phone by 2013. Now it’s time to show you a glimpse into the hardware that may help the companies reach their goal. Introducing the Nokia X10, a concept smartphone with a blistering fast processor and imaging skills that might have DSLRs shaking in their boots.

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HP Fossil connected watch does exist [video]In Shanghai back in 2007, HP’s CTO Phil McKinney first unveiled the concept models of a connected watch. Over the past five years HP has worked on the concept in conjunction with Fossil. Today, the first working demo of a connected watch was unveiled.

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At CES in January, Asus treated us to Iris: its vision of the future. It’s a future in which we use transparent, flexible, expandable screens and our personal content follows us around across devices. At the time, we thought it was pie in the sky, but today at CeBIT we caught sight of the first working Asus Iris prototype. Read on, and see our video of it in action.

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Angry Birds developers Rovio has posted a bunch of images on its Facebook site showing off some of the original concept artwork for Angry Birds, including diagrams of the relative brain sizes of the pigs and the birds. Click through for a full gallery of the Angry Birds artwork…

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Sony’s bringing VR back. Shown off at its CES stand today is this 3D TV concept straight from our sci-fi dreams. Sony’s Personal Display looks like a virtual reality headset from the early 90s, but inside are twin screens, providing full HD 3D to each eye, with absolutely zero crosstalk, ghosting or other nasty side effects.

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Apple iPlay gaming console concept exposedApple’s entry into the console gaming market is not a new topic of discussion, but seeing concept renderings takes things to a whole new level. In the latest set of concept renderings for the Apple gaming console, dubbed iPlay, we get our first glimpse of what the future of Apple gaming might look like, are you ready?

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Nokia E10 concept design showcase

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Nokia E10 concept design showcaseThe Nokia E10 concept design showcase is a refreshing look at the possibilities for our future Nokia smartphones. With bendable screens and Nintendo DS inspired styling, the Nokia E10 concepts look to be exactly what the doctor ordered.

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