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On 31 March 2012 the COI, the Central Office of Information, will shut down. For those unsure, the COI is the body responsible for public service announcements in the UK – you know, the woman with a flaming head, and the moonwalking bear.

Its work is going in-house within the different government departments, which means we’ll still have the ads and posters. Just as well, because we’ve got a suggestion of the highest importance.

Instead of advising us on how to cross the road and live our physical lives, how about some gentle moral guidance for our virtual ones? Never mind benefit frauds, it’s time to make trolls social outcasts. Read more

Facebook is readying a full on comment system for the web. Reports suggest it’s hoping to get the system rolled out as the comments engine for a number of high profile websites. It recently gobbled up execs from Newsweek and The Daily Beast. Read on for more details on Facebook‘s plan to master comments…

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Wowsa! Foursquare has had a serious upgrade with photos and comments leading the charge. The new Foursquare Photos feature adds a new empty photo box to the checkin screen with checkins now including camera and comment box icons…
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Our iPhone 4 UK price discussion really got you fired up yesterday with a lively debate on how much cash you’re willing to slap down for the new iPhone. Read on for our round up of the best iPhone 4 UK price comments we received and see if you’ve got a starring role in this post!

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Electricpig now has improved commentingWe’ve been busy tweaking the code behind Electricpig, making a few subtle changes here and there that we think you’ll like. The first: there’s now no need to register to leave a comment. Getting involved has never been easier!

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