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Ready to feel good? We’ve just been alerted to this video of Lee Ridley, a man who otherwise goes by the name of ‘Lost Voice Guy’ doing his first ever stand-up comedy gig.

Why so special? Ridley’s got Cerebral Palsy and has been voiceless since his childhood. The comedy comes courtesy of an iPadRead more

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Just how far are you willing to go for the latest handset? Just a year or so ago we were complaining about 18month tie-ins, now 24 monthers are sneaking in. But if you’re anything like these die-hard gadgeteers from Canada it would seem a limb or two is a small price to pay for the iPhone.

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Wrex the DawgSince we first clapped eyes on this canine-like robot at CES wayyyyyyy back in January it has been on our shopping list, trouble is it has only been popping up as a pre-order (how we hate this online shopping tease.)

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