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Thinking of scooping up an Asus Transformer Prime? We don’t blame you, although we would suggest you hold off just a short while: Asus has just dropped a teaser for what seems to be one or two upcoming Transformer devices. What’s new? Asus is moving into the cloud… Read more

It’s always wise to have a notepad handy; you never know when a flash of inspiration is going to come and grab you by the brain. In today’s terms, that notepad may as well be Evernote, which syncs all your brainwaves to the cloud. A sexy update to the Android Evernote app has just broken loose, but… Hang on: where’s the handwriting tech Evernote promised? Read more

Ever get off the phone with someone and instantly forget what was said? New technology from pioneering company Call Trunk may just be the answer you’re looking for. We’ve been chatting with the people behind the service about the future of voice recognition, call recording, Siri and telephone privacy. If you enjoy the odd natter, and think it’s good to talk, you need to read this… Read more

Google Drive rumours have been building and swirling around for ages now, but the general rule of thumb is that the more rapidly they emerge, the closer we are to a launch date. Such is the prolificacy of Google Drive rumours now, that the consensus seems to be expecting a launch today, Tuesday 24th. What can you expect from Google’s cloud offering? Read on to find out. Read more

Online file hosting cloud behemoth Dropbox has rolled out a redesign that adds a serious amount of extra sheen and usability to the site – just when it’s starting to be seriously threatened by the likes of iTunes and Google Docs. What’s new? Read on for the full details. Read more

Netflix is growing in popularity in the UK. If the company is to be believed, the movie streaming service has seen a promising uptake on these shores since its launch in January. Electricpig’s been chatting to the people behind the streaming to figure out exactly how your movies get from the cloud to your screen. Read more

Netflix is in town, proudly talking about what it’s achieved since launching in the UK and Ireland. We’ve been talking with the movie streaming company’s top brass about it’s biggest rival LoveFilm, and why it thinks it’s got the edge. They pulled no punches, pouring scorn on Lovefilm’s technology in an interview today. Read more

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Kevin Bachus, one of the four people responsible for creating the original Xbox back in 2001, has announced a move to the advisory board of cloud-based company Savtira. He’s not the only gaming god there, so what’s in store? Read more

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