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It’s been quite the weekend for OnLive. The pioneering cloud game streaming service has faced huge debts, internal turmoil and has been forced to up-end itself to accept a buyout. Worse still, now HTC’s feeling the brunt of it. Just what’s going on? Read more

E3 2012’s going to be different from the years hence. It’s going to buck the usual trends in a way that’ll initially sound disappointing. ‘No new Xbox’ and ‘No new Playstation’ will be what makes most of the headlines and, under E3’s normal rules, that means a weak show.

But it won’t be weak at all – it’s just that the parameters are changing very suddenly. What do we mean? Well, traditionally E3 has acted as a big plinth on which to put new hardware, but this year the hardware already exists, and it’s already in your living room. This is the year that your TV becomes your game console. Read more

E3 2012 looks as though it might not be the hardware fest that we’d hoped for. While early rumours hinted at a launch for both the PS4 and Xbox 720, the gossip’s quietened down enough to make both seem unlikely. But maybe we’re looking at it all wrong: maybe we’ve already got the PS4 under our TV sets, and we just need Sony to hand us the keys? Read more

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Kevin Bachus, one of the four people responsible for creating the original Xbox back in 2001, has announced a move to the advisory board of cloud-based company Savtira. He’s not the only gaming god there, so what’s in store? Read more

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HTC has poured $40m into cloud gaming firm OnLive. Company spokesperson, Maggie Cheung, told the Wall Street Journal that the HTC/OnLive deal will “strengthen its gaming capabilities and help the HTC tap into increasing demand for games on smartphones.”

Boom! So it seems HTC has big plans to improve its phones gaming smarts. It’s also acquired London firm Saffron Digital which has content deals with Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG and Samsung. OnLive is sure to arrive on multiple platforms but expect the best HTC phones to get the cool stuff first…

Out now | £NA | HTC (via Wall Street Journal)

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