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Despite showing a Chrome OS tablet concept early last year and evidence that a prototype codenamed Seaboard was being tested, Google played down the idea of Chrome OS tablets at I/O in June. That hasn’t stopped the open source types working on the Chromium project from toying with the idea.

Chromium (the browser rather than the OS) has been tarted up with a touch-friendly UI and captured on video. It includes far larger icons, widgets and a virtual keyboard which could all be used on a future Chrome OS tablet.

Though the Chromium implementation is experimental, it definitely hints at how Chrome OS could make the jump to touchscreens and is worth a look. See for yourself after the break and let us know what you make of it…

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Chrome OS has been promised for yonks. The latest rumour was that Google wouldn’t get Chrome OS out this year after Eric Schmidt said at Web 2.0 that Chrome OS would be out in “the next few months” suggesting it won’t make it’s 2010 deadline. However, Google PR is now pushing a slightly less annoying line – Chrome OS is still coming this year but it’ll be a beta…

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Rockmelt is a browser for the Facebook and Twitter obsessed. Built on the open-source build of Google Chrome (Chromium), it integrates Facebook and Twitter straight into the main window. On the left you get you Facebook friends there to chat to and check out status updates while on the right of the screen your RSS and Twitter feeds burble along. Rockmelt uses push notifications to let you know when you’ve got messages stacking up and you can update your own Twitter and Facebook accounts from wherever you are on the web. Rockmelt is in beta right now. You need to sign up with Facebook Connect to get in on the beta. We’re waiting for our invite and will let you know more when we get it!

Out now | £free | Rockmelt

Techie BreakieIt’s Monday but there’s a fistful of tech news you might have missed while you were sledging/having snow ball fights/huddling together for warmth. Get set for the week with today’s nourishing Techie Breakie…

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Google ChromeGoogle Chrome Extensions could launch as soon as this week according to whispers apparently coming from within the project team. So what can we expect from Google Chrome’s Firefox fighting feature?

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Google Chrome for Mac by Autumn

Google Chrome for Mac OS X could be with us by Autumn, Google has let slip.

Google Chrome, the Big G’s browser to take on Firefox and Internet Explorer, launched on PC back in September, but the Mac OS X version of Google Chrome, Chromium, is still at an early stage, so read on for a glimpse before it matures into public beta.

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