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There are certain televisual events throughout the year that really signpost the seasons. When X Factor starts you know it’ll soon be getting dark at 4pm, but the real sign that Christmas is round the corner is when you first see the trucks come over the hill, and ‘Holidays are comin’’ bellow out of your TV. This is the way of things, so is it unwise of Coca-Cola to mess with the formula with a new ad? Read more

Today, John Lewis unleashed its Christmas ad. In the marketing world, this has come to be something of a headline maker. The store has rarely hit a bum note since it started using the Adam&Eve agency in 2009, and this year’s effort is no different. Now that legacy of impacting ads has lead to something else, though: parody. Read more

Yesterday Apple fired out invites for next week’s not-so mystery announcement. It’s fairly evident that the company will launch the oft-rumoured iPad mini, but if you’re worried that it might be a bit out of your Christmas price range, there’s good news afoot: an even cheaper version of the Google Nexus 7 could be just around the corner. Read more

Ready your purchase nerves for a bit of an onslaught. Far be it from us to jump on the ‘Christmas is just around the corner’ bandwagon when we haven’t even had Halloween yet, but… Well, it sort of is just around the corner. And the world’s biggest companies are lining up to attack your senses with ads. $5 (£3.1) billion’s worth. Read more

Google’s flagship 7-inch tablet is right up the street of anyone who thinks that the iPad is too big and too showy, and is as fine a tablet choice as you can currently get on the Android side of the fence.

If only the Nexus 7‘s storage options hit a higher tier, though, right? Worry not; Google’s got your back. Read more

Now that it’s apparently ‘the run up to Christmas’ (yep, deal with it), tech companies are beginning to unzip their trousers and flop their festive wares across the table. eReaders are king of the Xmas tech gifts, but why splash out on a Kindle when you can get one for just £8? This is the Txtr Beagle. Read more

The best tech hangover cures

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Let’s be frank. We know you’ve spent most of Christmas – and New Year’s Eve – getting tucked into some lovely booze. And now, of course, you’re paying the price. But rather than gorging on greasy breakfasts, going down to the gym to sweat it all out or simply cowering on the sofa with a packet of ibuprofen in hand, let tech cure your hangover. How, you ask? With these five simple solutions.

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So you’re back home for a few days and are forced to use your parents’ old machine? Hang about… How the hell do they use this thing? They’ve fallen into every web trap going and it’s up to you to de-clutter it. Here’s how. Read more

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