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When is a handheld games console not a handheld games console? When, like the Wikipad, it’s too big to be taken on the train. Nintendo’s trying to enter this new space with the Wii U by letting users play serious console games at home on their own screen, but now the Wii U not the only player in the game, and Nintendo should be very worried…

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At CES 2012 Toshiba unveiled a tablet. Everybody did. But Toshiba’s was different. It was a tablet that offered wireless charging via inductive technology, even while completely submerged in water.

It’s got me thinking all the way back to the Palm Pre, and how wireless charging should, by all rights, be a part of our everyday lives by now. So how come it’s not? Read more

Asus may be more deserving of HTC’s ‘Quietly Brilliant’ slogan – the Taiwanese company has a track record as an innovator that stretches back several years, has invented product categories and continues to meet its rivals with ever more ingenious solutions, but it simply doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Read more


The “I’m” company is an innovative tech dream-weaver that’s up until now been best know for the I’m Watch smart timepiece/phone/thing. Now I’m has unveiled its next project, the completely mad I’m Core mobile processor. Read more

CES 2012 has been a bit of a washout by all accounts: a few exciting droplets have news have found their way out of the trade show, but it’s mostly been a case of herding the entire show into two distinct pens: Smart TVs and endless tablets. Except, of course, for the usual rollout of crazy… Read more

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Nintendo is in attendance at CES 2012, and has brought its upcoming console along with it. But with more than 6 months having passed since the Wii U’s unveiling, surely Ninty should have something new to show off? Read more

The iPad 3 may be out in the open in Las Vegas. It wouldn’t be CES without someone claiming to have spotted the next iPad, but are the new tab’s changes small enough to warrant a different naming scheme from Apple? Read more

This is the WikiPad: a 3D, glasses-free tablet that’s serious about gaming and is gunning for some of the market share that Nintendo’s 3DS has. Its spec sheet ticks all the right boxes, packing in technology two years in the making. Read more

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