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Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook steps up to the plate, hits a home runDay one on the job as CEO and Tim Cook has already set the stage for his tenure leading Cupertino’s finest. In an email released this morning, he lead off by saying, “Apple is not going to change” and that “we are going to continue to make the best products in the world”. He also confirmed Steve Jobs new role as Chairman, a position which will provide guidance and inspiration for the company. While the future of Apple’s products remains in peril, addressing concerns out the gate is a great way to start.

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HP’s new CEO Leo Apotheker has said that webOS will be on every HP PC it ships next year. That’s in conjunction with being able to run Windows. How the dual-OS PC systems will work is unclear, but Apotheker spoke candidly about just what he thinks about HP.

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Apple has said “no” again to shareholder demands that it publish a public succession plan for the day when Steve Jobs steps down permanently. Right now Steve Jobs is on medical leave indefinitely and Tim Cook is in the hot seat but shareholders want a clear public plan to say who’ll do that job for good…

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Only just over half of Microsoft employees have confidence in Steve Ballmer’s performance as CEO, according to a Glassdoor.com survey. While Ballmer has always had his naysayers after taking over from golden boy Bill Gates, now it seems a chunk of these people might be his own employees.

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Nokia has appointed Canadian Stephen Elop as its new president and CEO, as of September 21. Elop currently heads up Microsoft’s Business Division, and has worked for Adobe and Macromedia in the past. The WSJ reported back in July that Nokia was looking for a new CEO to replace Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, who has been at Nokia for 30 years, and leaves with a severance payment of €4.6 million, as dictated by his contract.

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nokia ceoTalk has been circulating that Nokia are looking for a new CEO, with the WSJ at its root. Rumour has it that Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo is on his way out, and Nokia are scouting around for a new CEO. Reasons given in the WSJ are that Nokia has “struggled to find traction for the company in the market for high-end smartphones”

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Apple confirmed it has Steve Jobs succession plans at the company’s annual shareholders meeting yesterday in case the currently absent CEO is unable to return to work. Details after the jump!

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There’s no denying the BlackBerry Storm had a buggy introduction. It suffered crashes, freezes and all manner of strange volume issues. But far from apologising for its shonky software, the man in charge of BlackBerry just claimed crumbly smartphone software is part of a “new reality”.

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