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What’s the next big trend in online media? Money. That’s the word from the man behind a website that garners 20 billion monthly page views. Now that the world and his wife has easy access to cameras, music-making tools and online distribution, isn’t it time we started turning it into cash? Read more

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear. Just yesterday we went on a bit of a cynical rant about how RIM’s BB10 OS doesn’t look quite as sexy as it probably should, and now the company famed for its chronic uncoolness has gone and made things worse. Ready to cringe?

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Samsung’s got itself a new CEO, with a new focus and drive. The company that has risen to become the world’s biggest smartphone seller, and that currently proffers what’s arguably the most advanced phone on the market in the Galaxy S3, is about to double down on its proprietary software efforts. Does that mean Sammie’s going to give Google and Android the old heave-ho a lot sooner than previously thought? Read more

When Apple unveiled Siri, buried inside the iPhone 4S at the tail end of last year, it did so in a pretty unusual way. How so? Siri has a ‘beta’ tag attached to it, symbolising that it’s not quite the finished, polished product we’ve come to expect from Apple. Now a new source has come out of the woodwork declaring that the voice assistant is an “embarrassment” to Apple. Would Steve Jobs have let it be this way? Read more

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Having spent some considerable time circling the drain, high street gaming goliath GAME has finally succumbed to the financial waters and gone into administration, taking its CEO Ian Shepherd with it. Does this mark the beginning of the end, or can the retailer be saved? Read more

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Months after the Apple CEO’s death, Steve Jobs is still a phenomenon. The man makes headlines almost daily, whether its in reference to how Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook’s doing, the man’s legacy, or his controversial tactics in the work place. It seems fitting, then, that Jobs has just landed on top of a list of our time’s best ever entrepreneurs. Read on for the details. Read more

Tim Cook and Apple made a rare appearance at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference yesterday, taking the time to berate the market for low price, poor quality tablets. Do his words debunk the theories of an 8-inch iPad? Read more

RIM’s joint CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis have stepped down; the announcement sees Thorsten Heins stepping up to the plate to try and turn things around for the ailing mobile firm.

But while the world at large lays into RIM and the BlackBerry brand, we’ve decided to take a look at what’s been going right for the company, and which of Balsillie and Lazaridis’ recent wins will see it through. Read more

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