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What’s your car’s top speed? 100mph? 150? Maybe 180-ish, at a push? How about in reverse? Every driver’s done some daring corner reverses in their time, but that’s probably nothing compared to what Nissan’s just put its electric-powered Leaf through. Take a look after the break to see the world’s fastest (reversing) car.  Read more

The biggest mobile phone trend of 2012? Contact-less payment through NFC. That’s all well and good – your bank wants you to be able to leave the house without having to carry your coin purse – but is it the jingly things in your other pocket that could be better replaced by a mobile? One hacker thinks so. Is your future smartphone also going to be your keys? Read more

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HTC is at the top of the heap when it comes to making some of the best Android phones going and it looks like its teeing up to take its tech smarts to the world of cars. An HTC job vacancy has popped up on the company’s website seeking an “automotive business development director” to work in its North American operation…

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Among the gizmos we’ve just got up close with at CES 2011 is this smart car tool letting you peep the vital diagnostics of your car from your iOS or Android to tell you what’s wrong with your automobile well before you know it. You could even use it to check into Facebook with your automobile. Want to know how to do drive by Facebook check-ins? And when you can get it? Details this way.

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Cell phones to be banned in cars?

banning all cell phones in carsIf the U.S. transportation secretary has his way, cell phones could soon be banned in all cars. The fun doesn’t stop with the ban, it could even extend to car manufacturers being required to install technology that automatically disables our cell phones.

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FordFord’s updated in-car Sync system will allow its vehicles to read Twitter messages to the driver and will eventually allow you to reply using voice recognition. The feature is currently delayed due to safety fears.

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Researchers at the University Of Utah may have found an elegant solution to the problem of drivers using their mobiles at the wheel – a key fob that ‘jams’ the phone.

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Scalextric does the Italian Job

ScalextricSlot car specialists Scalextric have released this limited edition box set of the mini trio ahead of next years 50th anniversary celebrations.

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