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You know the app icon for Instagram? You know that it’s loosely based on the original Polaroid 1000, right? If you were Polaroid, you’d probably be a little bit annoyed that the most successful camera app in the world is using your retro-cool aesthetic to its own ends. And you’d want to fight back. That’s where the Polaroid Z2300 comes in. It’s like Instagram, only in real life. Read more

Tired of CGI? Us too. We applaud the efforts of both Ridley Scott and Christopher Nolan for trying to shoot as much of this summer’s blockbusters in real life as possible, but the George Lucas technique is still favoured by the majority. Thing is, CGI needn’t be the go-to solution every time, as a pioneering new camera rig from German company The Marmalade proves. Prepare to have your mind blown. Read more

When you’re shooting the prequel(s) to the fantasy genre’s most well-received set of movies ever made, you want to make sure you’re using the best tech available to you. Or better than that, if possible. Peter Jackson knows this, which is why he’s using the most advanced HD camera tech in the world for the two Hobbit movies. And it’s also why his cameras float. Read more

Ready for the future of boozy nights out? A US-based start-up is working hard to ensure that you never have to go to a disappointingly-barren bar ever again, with scarily Orwellian methods. Here’s how to scope out a scene before you even get there. Read more

If you’ve been meaning to get on board the Micro Four Thirds bandwagon but haven’t been sure which camera to buy, Panasonic may have just answered the question for you: This is the Panasonic Lumix GF5: the successor to the brilliant GF3. And you want it. Read more

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The new Panasonic Lumix DMC-3D1 is being rightly lauded as a 3D pioneer. But while its ability to take snaps and shoot HD video in three dimensions is undoubtedly cool, the fact it has two lenses is being put to clever use in a very unique way: dual 2D shooting. Read on to see just what Panasonic has managed to cram into its new DMC-3D1.

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Panasonic has ripped the covers off of its much-rumoured Lumix GX-1 Micro Four Thirds camera this morning. And the new top-end peeper promises to pack a string of professional features that are bound to get camera fanatics salivating. Want to know just what Panny’s got planned? Read on for all the details.

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Nightmare driving instructors making your test harder than it already is? Maybe you should head to India, where the world’s first fully automated driving centre has opened. It’s all done with electronics, so you’re guaranteed a fair crack of the whip.

Read on for the full details. And when the robot hits the dashboard, we’d like you to apply the brake pedal.

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