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Angry Birds is a gaming and cultural phenomenon. Its universal appeal across all ages has spawned an Angry Birds board game, Angry Birds toys and now a playable Angry Birds cake conjured up by our very own Mike Cooper to celebrate his son Ben’s sixth birthday. We’ve been taken aback by how much you all loved it. So here it is in our video of the week. Read on for a video of it in action and step by step instructions on how to make your own.

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In a week that started off with us wishing someone a very special birthday with this playable Angry Birds birthday cake there has been plenty of new announcements this week, including a date when the iPad 2 will be revealed, when the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (PSP phone) will arrive and more. Missed any of it? Then catch up on what you’ve missed here in our weekly roundup.

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First off, wow! Since posting my Angry Birds cake video things have got a little crazy here. Rovio, the makers of the game have tweeted about it, Mashable and Gizmodo picked up the story, and it’s even found its way to Sweden. So thanks for getting it out there folks, and sharing the video with your friends. It really was a blast to make, and my little boy had a riot destroying it.

Since the reaction I thought you might like to know how to make your very own playable Angry Birds cake. I took some photos on the way, and have just scribbled down my notes (while I can remember). Join me after the jump for a step-by-step tutorial.

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UPDATE: Like what you see? We’ve got a full Angry Birds cake step by step guide for you. Check it out!

It’s become a family tradition that I make increasingly ridiculous birthday cakes for my kids each year. So with my little boy Ben turning 6-years-old over the weekend, and appreciating his love of Angry Birds, I thought I’d have a shot a making him a playable Angry Birds birthday cake with working catapult and iced birds as ammunition. Join me after the jump where you can watch the making of video as well as the rapid demolition. It took 10 hours to make and 2 minutes to destroy.

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The geekiest Apple pie ever!

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We like Apple as much as the next gadget fancier, but we can’t help but think some people out there in the crazy world of webland love the company and its products a little too much. How much? Well, like enough to bake an apple pie in the shape of a Mac Mini/Apple TV/Time Capsule.

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Artoo CakeCrafted from scratch by a New York cake emoprium this droid will instantly remind you of the most famous of machines: R2D2. The colouration is, of course, well off track though, so whats the answer?

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