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Apple likes to keep things schtum. When you walk into an Apple Store to buy your brand new iProduct, chances are it didn’t officially exist the day or the week before. This is unusual in the tech world, and that’s probably because it’s pretty bloody hard to keep these things under wraps. Still, Apple tries all the same, because the buzz that a secret generates is impossible to recreate when a launch is long and drawn out.

And, more importantly, you love it. The secrecy game twiddles with your brain bits in such a way as to get you out of bed and into line outside the store when you might otherwise not. The question is: is it all worth the effort? Read more

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Another failed service for Google today, as it drops Google Maps real estate on the pile of failures along with Google Wave, Google Video, Google Web Accelerator… the list goes on. Will Google’s losing streak never end?

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We’re closing in on the end of the week now, but the tech news is still flooding on through. Grab all the latest here and see what you’ve missed in the lunchtime lowdown!

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Google Buzz on mobile just got a whole lot friendlier for gadget fans sans iPhone or an Android 2.x phone: the website for serving up status updates on the move can now be accessed on older Android phones, Symbian S60 smartphones, BlackBerrys, and Windows Mobile handsets.

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The Gmail web app now sucks Google Buzz messages straight into its inbox on iPhone and Android, the search giant has revealed. Could this be the option Google needs to give Buzz a boost?

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Google BuzzGoogle Buzz has already created plenty of consternation amongst the Big G’s angriest rivals. But while the jury’s still out on just how it’ll sit alongside Facebook and Twitter on your PC, one thing is certain: Google Buzz is set to be the most powerful mobile social network out there. Read on to find out why.

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HTC Bravo

HTC’s product line up for 2010 seems to have slipped out into the wild with a brace of new Android handsets including the high-end HTC Bravo and the super-social HTC Buzz and Tide.

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