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The next in an ever increasing line of platforms and brands to get Lovefilm access is Samsung. Specifically, its line of Blu-ray players will be getting Lovefilm access via a downloadable widget app for the Samsung Internet@TV hub. All you’ll need to get access to Lovefilm on demand content is a Lovefilm subscription of £5.99 per month or more. The app is live, and users can download it from today.

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Listen up, Star Wars fans, good news from CES. Darth Vader himself is marching in to CES 2011 with what StarWars.com is promising is “a most impressive announcement”. Given the tech spin of CES, we expect it to be something on the Star Wars Blu-Ray release or possibly Star Wars 3D coming to a cinema near you with the profits headed for George Lucas’ Deathstar-size wallet. Darth Vader’s news will be out later today and our CES 2011 crack squad will be there to bring it to you via hyperspace or…you know…this website.

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US Update: MeeGo, Avatar 3D Blu-ray, Motorola OlympusJust a day into December and we’ve already been jam-packed with more tech news than you can sink your teeth into. It’s that time again for what we like to call the US Update — breaking headlines and hearts across the globe with the latest and greatest in tech news from this side of the pond.

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Avatar 3D Blu-ray for Panasonic eyes only?The quest for the Avatar 3D Blu-ray just got a little trickier. James Cameron’s 3D blockbuster might be an easy find when it comes to DVD or standard Blu-ray, but get ready to jump through some Panasonic hoops and empty your bank account to make it happen in 3D form.

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Sony customers in the UK and Europe are getting Sony video on demand service  from today. It’s available on a compatible Sony Bravia TV, Blu-ray player and home theatre system. Want to know if your Sony Bravia TV or Sony Blu-ray is compatible? Click through for more details.

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Samsung BD-C8500M review

We first spotted the Samsung BD-C8500M way back in March, and at the time, it looked set to be the set top box of the tear, decked out as it was with Freeview HD, plenty of IPTV streaming, a massive hard drive and even Wi-Fi built in. Unfortunately, it’s not quite the dreamy unified machine we were hoping for: see what we mean in our full Samsung BD-C8500M review.

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Samsung BD-C8500M review: Network skills

If you’ve read our full Samsung BD-C8500M review already, you’ll know that we’re more than a bit disappointed with the set top box’ Freeview HD recording skills, especially for the price Samsung is asking. But it’s not all bad news: the Samsung BD-C8500M is much more adept when it comes to network skills. Read on and find out what we mean in this part of our Samsung BD-C8500M review.

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Samsung BD-C8500M review: Freeview HD

The Samsung BD-C8500M can tune into and record Freeview HD, amongst its many talents, but how does it handle compared to dedicated PVRs and other pricey all singing, all dancing set top boxes? Find out in this part of our Samsung BD-C8500M review.

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