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Tumblr, the photo blog that houses some of the most obscure and bizarre collections of pixels on the web, this week posted a record-breaking monthly page view figure. And by record-breaking, we mean 20 billion. Which is a lot. Thing is, we have a secret theory about how this has happened… Read more

Republic Publishing’s Nigel Brown, magazine stalwart-turned online journalist and Managing Editor of Humans Invent, thinks that tablet magazines have already had their day. Is it time to concede that websites are the better all-rounders?
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Electricpig’s Associate editor Ben Sillis waxes lyrical about the eerie familiarity that now runs through the majority of Kickstarter’s promotion videos. Time the formula had a shake-up?

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A blog written by UK communications company Timico’s Trefor Davies has launched a one-day campaign to garner the most comments in a single day, as recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records. Why? For charity, of course… Read more

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Minecraft creator Markus Persson has stepped down as head of the cult game. In a statement on his blog, Persson has said: “I’ll be helping out with Minecraft, of course, but also starting work on some new project.” What could that be? Read more

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The internet’s an odd place full of scary things defiant of all known logic. Tumblr, the photo and video blog hosting site, is stranger still if you look at how little of its output can actually be classified as morally or mentally sound. i.e. Here are the Tumblr blogs that you need to submit your brain to, in order to say you’ve lived – including a brilliant one of FIFA’s headline-storming Sepp Blatter.

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Amazon has just launched Kindle Publishing for Blogs, a service to let bloggers publish their sites in a Kindle friendly format, and make money while they’re doing it!

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Hold on to your seats, folks, it’s the last big keynote of CES, and this time, it’s going to be Intel up onstage showing off its plans for 09. What will it be? New netbook chips? Some complicated semi-conductor stuff we don’t understand? Find out, minute by minute on our live blog right here!

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