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Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear. Just yesterday we went on a bit of a cynical rant about how RIM’s BB10 OS doesn’t look quite as sexy as it probably should, and now the company famed for its chronic uncoolness has gone and made things worse. Ready to cringe?

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RIM needs to get a move on. While the competition grows and grows, and the app portfolio of even Windows Phone (the newest of the OS bunch) is now burgeoning, the next version of the BlackBerry OS is languishing in development. We’ve just seen some new leaked screens, but is it all a bit too stoic? Read more

Never let it be said that RIM rushes into things. When it comes to tablets and software, the company has a turnaround time similar to the evolution of man. The second iteration of its Playbook line has been a long time coming, but is it now just around the corner? Read more

O2′s outage over the last two days isn’t the only time a tech company has messed things up. Research in Motion, Google, Samsung, we’re looking at you.

So let’s keep it in perspective and recap some of the worst offenders in recent memory.

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That’s right, BlackBerry’s App World has passed 3 billion app downloads since launching. That averages out to more than 2.5 million downloads a day.

Who said RIM was dead in the water?

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RIM’s 2013 roadmap has leaked, and among the 4G PlayBook and BB10 handsets we were expecting is a 10-inch tablet named the Blackforest.

It looks like a larger PlayBook. Is that what RIM needs to cure its current woes?

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Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest customers will soon be able to withdraw money using just their mobiles. Smartphone owners will be able to withdraw up to £100 with the aid of a new mobile app – no plastic necessary.

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Euro 2012 is in full swing now, and while we’ve seen some exciting games already, perhaps the most remarkable thing is that it’s actually the first chance UEFA has really had to demonstrate its mobile skills at a big tournament.

After all, the last competition, Euro 2008, came to an end a fortnight before Apples’ phenomenally successful App Store for iOS launched. As the first games got underway, we went behind the scenes to see how the app came together.

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