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It’s Saturday, time to chillax. But before you get too comfortable, hitch your seat up a bit and join us to catch up on all the top tech stories you’ve missed out on this week. This week’s edition is full of release dates for new gadgets you’ll want to get your hands on, so do read on.

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The Blackberry Torch 9800 is finally touching down in the UK this week. We’ve had word from the good folk at Phones 4u that it’s getting hold of its first batch of the Blackberry 6 OS-packing blower on Friday. Read on for details and a reminder of what the Blackberry Torch 9800 has to offer…

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BlackBerry Torch review: BlackBerry 6 BlackBerry Torch review: BlackBerry 6

BlackBerry Torch review: BlackBerry 6

The BlackBerry Torch 9800 might not be the leap forward we were hoping for when it comes to industrial design, but with BlackBerry 6, it boasts the most front end changes to the BlackBerry software we’ve seen so far. For better or worse? Find out in this part of our BlackBerry Torch review.

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BlackBerry Torch review: Build BlackBerry Torch review: Build

BlackBerry Torch review: Build

The BlackBerry Torch 9800 is a Berry like no other. Never mind the BlackBerry 6 software, its single biggest talking point is that it has a slide out keyboard, and a touchscreen. The best of both worlds, surely? Not quite. Read on for our full BlackBerry Torch review: Build section to see what we mean.

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BlackBerry Torch review: UK edition BlackBerry Torch review: UK edition

BlackBerry Torch review: UK edition

The BlackBerry Torch 9800 has a huge deal riding on it. RIM’s doing just fine in sales, but the persistent slagging off it gets in the press for its attempts – or lack there of – at creating a stylish smartphone that’s consumer friendly and on a par with the Androids and iPhones of this world mean it’s time for a shift in gear.

Touchscreen QWERTY sliding phones are still a rarity, and the moniker change for BlackBerry 6 is part of RIM’s plan to grab back some of that elusive mindshare. RIM co-CEO Jim Ballsillie even says the software is a “quantum leap” beyond the competition. Is it? We nabbed one of the first BlackBerry Torch 9800 UK models to find out. See for yourself in our great big British BlackBerry Torch review right here.

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BlackBerry Torch vs Alcatel OT-980: Spot the difference!

We couldn’t pass up on an opportunity to slap the BlackBerry Torch 9800 against Alcatel‘s stirling £99 Android effort: how often do you see one portrait slider smartphone, let alone two? One’s got great email, Google Maps and support for tabbed browsing. The other costs £480 off contract. Oh snap! We jest: check out our full BlackBerry Torch review for the full skinny and enjoy this rare meeting in our gallery here.

The Blackberry BlackPad sadly didn’t break cover when the Blackberry Torch 9800 was unveiled but hey, that means the intriguing rumours can continue. The latest comes truly from left-field: a new report says the Blackpad won’t run the Blackberry 6 OS but instead turn to QNX, the software maker that powers Porsche navigation systems and US Army Crusher tanks. Is RIM really turning away from its own OS for the tablet?

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It looks like Blackberry Torch 9800 sales haven’t set the world alight if estimates from US analysts are right. The touchscreen slider which many hoped would reignite RIM’s fortunes was never expected to match iPhone 4 sales but it seems it’s failed to compete with other contenders like the Droid X. So we wondered: if you could redesign the Blackberry Torch, how would you change it?

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