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Research In Motion is having a tough time of it up in Waterloo at the moment. Marketshare is flagging, executives are on the way out, and its new operating system, BlackBerry 10, isn’t coming to the rescue until the end of the year. But one thing CEO Thorsten “Let’s Rock And Roll This” Heins won’t do? According to a new report: give away the secret sauce that is BlackBerry Messenger.

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It’s long been rumoured that BlackBerry Messenger will eventually be released for iOS and Android, but one analyst now believes that’s very unlikely. Jefferies’ Peter Misek predicts that RIM will abandon its plans to develop BBM apps for competitors’ devices in favour of “direct competition” with them.

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RIM’s joint CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis have stepped down; the announcement sees Thorsten Heins stepping up to the plate to try and turn things around for the ailing mobile firm.

But while the world at large lays into RIM and the BlackBerry brand, we’ve decided to take a look at what’s been going right for the company, and which of Balsillie and Lazaridis’ recent wins will see it through. Read more

Today, HMV launched HMV On-Demand, its own inevitable foray into the world of video on demand. But it seems to have missed the mark and may stumble straight out of the gates. In its honour, we’ve pulled out a list of the other last-ditch tech comebacks and launched that faltered, flapped and were dead on arrival.  Read more

Top 5 reasons iOS 5 tops the smartphone food chainTo say iOS 5 is a software overhaul is quite the understatement. Packed with more than 200 new features, the launch symbolizes the future of iOS as both a platform on smartphones and tablets. An intuitive notification system, updated camera application and iCloud services are just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s your top 5 reasons iOS tops the smartphone food chain.

Mixing together the best aspects of Android, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry OS is only a small portion of the iOS 5 journey.  The past four years of iOS have seen subtle changes and only a single major revision with iOS 4.  Unlike previous iterations, Apple is going for the kill with iOS 5 and in its sights is the entire smartphone ecosystem.

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BlackBerry has released its BBM social platform in beta today. This gives devs the power to build BBM features into their BlackBerry apps, and means that App World apps will have more BBM features built right into their UI’s. That means you could, for example, have a BBM conversation whilst playing a multiplayer game on your BlackBerry.

The BBM social platform beta also gives devs the tools to build in contact list integration, user profiles, and content transfers. It’s part of BlackBerry’s apparent plans to push BBM under the noses of more users, and comes after rumours that BBM will be available on Android and iOS in the future.

What apps do you want to see get BBM features? Click through to shout out in the comments!

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BlackBerry’s BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), coveted by teenagers and it girls the world over, is headed out of the confines of the RIM OS, and into Android and possibly iOS handsets. We’re scratching our heads over this one: is this the equivalent of BlackBerry donating both its kidneys to Android, or is it a sensible move that will mean RIM is truly proliferate in the mobile space?

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Kik Messenger sued by RIM

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Real time texting app Kik Messenger is reportedly being sued by BlackBerry makers RIM, who feel it is a little too similar to its BBM platform. RIM is citing patent infringement as its reason for legal action, and has already kicked Kik Messenger off BlackBerry App World.

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