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BBC’s director of future media, Ralph Rivera, has just announced a surprise news service for “connected televisions”: a BBC News app. It’s rolling out on Samsung Smart TVs today via the Samsung Apps Store, and we’ve got the first details on it.

UPDATE: Video!

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Top 5 unusual Audioboos

We’ve been fascinated by Audioboo for months, stuffing our ears with its nuggets of audio oddness, broadcast from mobile phones and computers all over the world. We even featured it in our roundup of the best British apps this month.

A little like audible tweets, Audioboos are packed with personality, sent on the spot with no editing, and every now and then we stumble across a truly weird one. Here are our favourites. Got any to share? Shout up in the comments section at the end, or head over to Audioboo.fm to mooch through even more.

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BBC iPad app 2

The BBC News iPhone and iPad app which was originally unveiled in February has finally been approved. It was delayed following complaints from rivals but the BBC Trust has given it the nod and it’s headed for the iTunes App Store later this afternoon. If you’re not a member of the iHordes, BBC News apps for other devices including Blackberry and Android are due in the next few months. Read on for more details on the BBC News iPhone and iPad app, a video of it in action and news on the forthcoming BBC iPlayer and BBC Sport apps…

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The Sky Leaders Debate is being hosted by the pay TV titan but you don’t need to put down any money to watch tonight’s political punch-up. Though Sky subscribers will get the dubious pleasure of seeing the three leaders in HD, the debate is actually being screened in lots of other places. Here’s five free ways to watch the Sky Leaders Debate and see Cameron, Clegg and Brown battle it out again…

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The BBC iPhone app plans unveiled at Mobile World Congress last month have been put on hold. The BBC News and Sports iPhone apps were set to arrive shortly, but governing body the BBC Trust has put the brakes on, after industry complaints.

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All the big press shindigs may be over, but day three at Mobile World Congress heralded some truly awesome news, not to mention the chance for us to lay our grubby mitts on even more new blowers for your viewing pleasure. If you’ve been out of the loop this week, jump in now and we’ll sate your appetite with everything that went down at MWC yesterday.

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BBC News iPhone app: first screenshots!

The BBC News iPhone app was announced just this morning at Mobile World Congress, but we’ve snagged the first screenshots of what it will look like already. Read on to see them!

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The BBC’s been pushing iPhone access to the iPlayer and its podcasts for a while, but it’s about to launch its first iPhone apps. In April it’ll offer a new BBC News application, alongside a new BBC Sports Results app.

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