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Thinking of getting in on the web TV craze? Roku may be your answer: the miniature Apple TV-alike TV box has just touched down in the UK for a very wallet-friendly price. Read more

Morning web people. We assume you’ve come in search of web newsings? No problem; let us guide you through the tech happenings that you might have missed. Read more

Google TV is UK bound, launching within ‘next six months’According to the Telegraph and Mail, Google is planning the unthinkable. After a soft launch in the US over nine months ago, the search giant is finally releasing its set top box in the UK. That’s right, Google TV hits the UK within the next six months. A formal announcement by head honcho, Mr. Eric Schmidt, is expected at the Edinburgh Television Festival later today.

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TVonics has announced an upgrade for its Freeview+ HD recorders which will bring iPlayer to the set-top boxes and banish the need to to manually download future software updates. Owners of the TVonics DTR-HD500 and DTR-Z500HD just need to head to the TVonics website to grab the new update.

Once installed it’ll add BBC iPlayer TV and radio catchup services to the TVonics Freeview+ HD recorders making them accessible via the red button. Future software updates will also be downloaded automatically via the Ethernet connection rather than needing to be added manually by USB.

Out now | £free | DTR-HD500 update/DTR-ZH00HD update

Samsung enters the DVR market with SMT-S7800At long last Samsung has taken its talents to the world of DVRs. The Korean manufacturer introduced the SMT-S7800 this morning, a Freesat DVR with a 500GB hard drive and two tuners, perfect for watching one show while recording another. Welcome to the big show Samsung.

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EchoStar Europe unveils SlingLoaded HDS-600RS: HD DVR meets Freesat+ plus SlingWhat do you get when you mix the world’s first HD digital video recorder with Freesat+ and Sling Media’s place-shifting technology — the SlingLoaded EchoStar HDS-600RS. Get ready to take your 150 digital Freesat+ channels anywhere you have 3G or WiFi coverage. Even better, there’s access to BBC iPlayer, with other connected TV services including ITV Net Player to follow.

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Best iPad apps of the week

The week’s best iPad apps are once again here for your delectation: five slices of fried gold for your Apple-made tablet. So if you’ve got an iPad that’s hankerin’ for some scintillating new software, or are about to buy the iPad 2, look no further – read on, downloading finger at the ready…

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Skyfire 3.2 for Android adds BBC iPlayer supportThe latest version of the infamous Skyfire browser for Android has been released, version 3.2. Included in the update are several bug fixes and stability improvements, but most importantly — expanded site support and video players such as the BBC iPlayer.

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