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We do love a good slanging match. Apple may have started the trend with its ‘I’m a Mac, I’m a PC’ ad campaign, but Samsung and Motorola are running the show in terms of snide mobile ads. Moto’s just kicked out another, which puts the new RAZR Maxx into a battery test with the iPhone 4S. The result? You’ll have to see for yourself… Read more

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As much as we like the Nokia Lumia 800, it does have one big problem: a battery life that can struggle to see you through the day. Nokia’s thrown out a couple of updates to try and plug the leaky energy so far, but a new update being rolled out in Singapore seems to have properly nailed it. Read more

The Nokia Lumia 800 now seems to be selling rather well, from what we can gather, but many not-so-happy owners have had a slew of battery complaints that Nokia’s on the warpath to fix. Now the second such battery fix has been given a rollout date. Read more

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We don’t often write about speakers on ElectricPig because, frankly, they’re much of a muchness. The HiWave Bluetooth wireless speaker is the exception, thanks to a pretty revolutionary power-friendly tech. Read more

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Twitching for an iPad 3? You might not have too long to wait. Taiwan Economic News is reporting that Apple has employed suppliers Simplo and Dynapack for a much thinner battery for the iPad 3. If it’s employing suppliers, you can be sure the design is done and dusted, and Cupertino’s getting set to begin production.

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iPhone 5 camera and battery leaked: where’s the dual LED flash?This weekend new iPhone replacement parts surfaced. The parts in question allegedly belong to the iPhone 5. With a release expected in early October, we’re looking at a fifth generation iPhone with a slightly more efficient battery and a single, not dual, LED flash. Here’s the latest on the Apple iPhone 5.

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In our walk through of the Toshiba Folio 100 today (video coming asap) we learned something new: you can replace the battery on the Toshiba Folio 100. The whole back of the Tosh Android tablet pops off, and you can flick the battery out and replace it with a new one. The Toshiba Folio 100 battery should be good for 500-1000 charges, and there’ll be new models available before then, but nonetheless, for those who want their gadgets to last, it’s nice to see a replaceable battery! Click through for a full gallery…

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Planning on buying a Magic Trackpad? Got a Magic Mouse? How about a magic Apple Keyboard? Then you’ll be gobbling up batteries like a kid at Christmas, which is why Apple’s just launched its own battery charger. It might not be branded as being “magic” but Cupertino reckons it’s super efficient, and of course, it looks lovely.

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