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You may not have heard of Tizen, but it’s risen from the ashes of MeeGo - the now discontinued open source mobile OS touted by Nokia and Intel – and is about to be big news. Samsung is rolling its Bada platform into it, and just unveiled a prototype device at the first Tizen Developer Conference in San Francisco.

Seeing as Sammy ships more mobiles than anyone else in the world, expect Tizen to be big. So what is it? And why is Samsung interested? Read on to find out. Read more

Want the latest gossip on the Samsung Galaxy S3? Go on then, here you go, you hungry lot. Want the latest Samsung Bada news? Yeah… Not so many takers, right? Samsung’s well aware of this, and – if rumour is to be believed – it’s about to act accordingly. Is Bada about to be no more? Read more

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Samsung’s own-brand mobile phone opertaing system, Bada, has been knocking around for a few years now, but while pleasant enough, it’s always lacked anything worth downloading. Now though, Rovio has brought Angry Birds, its mega gaming hit-cum-village bike, to the platform.

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Samsung Wave 3 hands on preview Samsung Wave 3 hands on preview


Samsung lumbers on with bada, its own supposedly smartphone operating system, against all the odds, and what we’ve got here on show at IFA this week is the platform’s new flagship: the Samsung Wave 3. See if it’s as swell as it looks here in our hands on gallery.

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Samsung revealed the Bada 2.0 last week and promised three new Bada phones were set for launch. And now they’re hear, rocking Samsung’s new nifty naming convention. Click through for all the details on the Samung Wave 3, Samsung Wave M and Samsung Wave Y…

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Samsung Wave II owners who can’t wait to try the new version of the Bada OS will no longer have to – a build of the new & improved Bada 2.0 has been leaked and can be downloaded by the curious (and brave – it might brick your phone).

Check out the video clips below to see it in action.

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Parrot AR Drone lands Android support, international competition incoming!Last year we had the privilege of putting the Parrot AR Drone through its paces, pairing the unmanned flying machine with our iPod touch. This year at E3 Parrot has some exciting news — the AR Drone is now compatible with Android, Symbian and bada.

Like an episode of Looney Tunes, that’s not all folks. For the developers in attendance, Parrot has released a SDK to develop new applications for AR Drone across iOS, Android, bada and Symbian. In addition, Parrot announced AR Race, a race game which supports one to four pilots.

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