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Ofcom has announced its plans for auctioning off the 4G spectrum to the networks, but it’s bad news: bidding won’t start until early 2013. It was hoped the auction would take place before the end of this year, and that was delayed from the beginning of 2012.

Delays, delays. At this rate we’re set to be years behind the rest of the world for deploying 4G.

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Fancy owning a bit of tech history? How about a lot of tech history? If you’re a BBC-buff and a tech fanatic, we may well have just found your ideal day out… Read more

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Some enterprising chap on eBay with the username jaybuysthings has worked out the identity of the artist Banksy. To clarify: he’s not got any Banksy artwork or anything like that, he’s just worked it out from tax records and now will give a piece of paper with Banksy’s real name on to the highest bidder. At time of writing, bidding has hit the £1m mark. Has everyone forgotten about the Daily Mail story outing Banksy as one Robin Gunningham?

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Love Twitter but wish you had more celebrity friends to read your wise musings? Well worry no longer you rampant egotistic. TwitChange, a Twitter charity auction in aid of Haiti and fronted by our third favourite Desperate Housewife, Eva Longoria, lets you bid for the attention of celebrities. It’s for a good cause but is paying for a celebrity follow the future?

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Want to prove you’re the biggest Android fanboy on the planet? Look no further than eBay, where developer Good OS is auctioning a cute-as-hell Android tribute PC, with all proceeds going to charity.

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stig plateThe world of private plates can be a little confusing at times, some plates on cars really do take an imaginative eye to see what they are trying to say, if the said registration only cost you a few quid and the illegal addition of a couple of screws in the right place spells your name in full then good luck to you. This particular plate cost over ten grand, isn’t the owners name and doesn’t much look like where its aiming either.

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