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Buying earphones is a right minefield. You start out your music-listening career with whatever came with your player of choice, then graduate to something a bit more noise-cancelly, then you start buying buds that cost around £30-£60. Then these inevitably break so you buy a similar pair and so on and so forth until, at some point, you ask yourself if, this time, it’d worth spending a serious amount of cash on their replacement.

Well, is it? I’ve been using the £199 Atomic Floyd SuperDarts + Remote to try and find out. Read more

Atomic Floyd TwistJax review Atomic Floyd TwistJax review

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Atomic Floyd TwistJax

Replacing your iPod’s shaky buds is par for the course these days. But as easy as getting rid of those nasty white earache inducers is, choosing a new pair is just as hard. Vying for the last of your hard-earned cash before you start spending on Christmas pressies are the Atomic Floyd TwistJax. Packing in some novelty features, can they see off Sennheiser, beat down Bose and make your ears their home? Read our complete Atomic Floyd TwistJax review now and we’ll tell all.

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