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Yesterday Apple fired out invites for next week’s not-so mystery announcement. It’s fairly evident that the company will launch the oft-rumoured iPad mini, but if you’re worried that it might be a bit out of your Christmas price range, there’s good news afoot: an even cheaper version of the Google Nexus 7 could be just around the corner. Read more

Asus Padfone 2 official: Do want

Asus is back at it with a new phone/tablet hybrid. The original Padfone was well received in its native Taiwan, but failed to set the world alight. Can a sequel, with a raft of top-flight specs, do the business?

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Intel has punted out invites for an event it’s holding next week. And with executives from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung and ZTE set to make speeches, it smells distinctly like Windows 8 to us.

There’s just a month to go until the next-gen OS launches, after all. So here’s what to expect next week.

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Now that Windows 8 is just over a month from its proper launch, we’re getting to know more and more about the first set of devices built specifically for it. And an awful lot are hybrids. Asus’ entries count themselves in that group, and have just had their prices leaked; is the Vivo Tab RT the best iPad rival going? Read more

Windows 8 cometh. With it, comes a flood of tablets, laptops and hybrids all vying to showcase the best of what the platform has to offer. Now at IFA, it’s Asus’ turn. The company has unveiled a few noteworthy devices, but king of them has to be the Asus Vivo Tab RT – the first device we’ve seen that’ll truly give Microsoft’s Surface a run for its money. Read more

Got an Asus Transformer Pad? Pleased with it, but wish it boasted a few more super powers? Sure you do. Good news then, Asus is using its Jelly Bean knowhow to pump Android 4.1 into its latest tablet-turned computers, starting now. Read more

Some lucky Motorola Xoom owners have reported they’ve got the Android Jelly Bean update. So if you’ve got a Xoom, start hitting the update button now, as today could be your lucky day.

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So Android Jelly Bean looks awesome, with Google Now and the new and improved Voice Search putting some real distance between it and iOS. The Nexus 7 arrives on Thursday, but when will other manufacturers be updating their handsets to Jelly Bean?

Well we’ve been in touch; read the answers after the break.

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