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One Direction. 1D. Those lads off that thing with that one who likes older women. However you know them, they’re big news. And their big news today is that they’ve racked up 100 million streams on Spotify. To celebrate, Sony Music and One Direction have launched the 1D Music Spotify app. But is that going against the online streaming tool’s grain? Read more

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Too Long; Didn’t Read. Those four words are a disease, slowly trying to kill off long-form content on the web. It’s the phrase that’s turning us all into jittery, impatient types with shorter attention spans than the Magpie-like Louis Walsh. There’s a good blog post on the phenomenon here, if you can be bothered.

But, hang on…Maybe the answer isn’t to dismiss TL;DR completely? After all, sometimes you’ve got to adapt to a given medium’s needs. That’s exactly the ethos being explored by new mobile news app Circa, which splices together both your urge to stop reading and look at something shiny after every 25 words, and a Facebook-style notification system.

Is it the mobile news of tomorrow?

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Sky’s finally made good on its promise to put its partnership with the Zeebox app to good use, pulling its socially-tuned goodness into the Sky+ iPad app. But what’s going on with the iPhone one? Read more

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There’s a lot of money to be had in the ‘second screen’ phenomenon. But, whilst many companies are keen to turn your interest into purchases, it’s good to know that there’s also a movement to try and inject some fun into watching the box. Zeebox and Chyron’s new partnership aims to do just that. Read more

Cloud storage: how much is too much? The answer, so long as you can keep on top of all your passwords, is that there’s never too much. Obviously. Microsoft agrees, and has taken the step to get its SkyDrive service in the hands of even more backer-uppers. Enter the SkyDrive Android app… Read more

Google’s getting very serious about the Google Play Store. Since it shed the ‘Android Market’ monicker, the online store has gone from strength to strength, turning into a one-stop destination for all types of content. It seems only right, then, that Google should bring in a few new features to finally pull itself level with iTunes. Read more

The big problems facing the concept of mobile payments are the lack of participating stores and the lack of public awareness. What the system needs is a big name to get involved. How about Starbucks? Yeah, that should do it.

Only this isn’t mobile payments as you know it; this is something a bit more special. Read more

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You may not have heard of it, but a premium SMS scam is one of the most common ways of using your phone to diddle you out of your hard-earned. And with Android becoming more popular, the threat is only going to increase.

But what is it? How does it work? And what can you do about it? We’ve spoken to the experts to bring you the lowdown on staying safe while using your mobile.

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