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That Apple TV box of yours… It’s very nice, but don’t you wish it did a bit more? Apple’s mucked about with live-streaming events in the past, but now it’s poised to buy a company with tech built to do just that. Is Apple TV finally about to cease being just a ‘hobby’? Read more

Apple’s TV box has, over the past few years, transformed itself from novelty side-project to amazingly useful living room essential. A new software update has just rolled out to show the diminutive puck some new tricks, but is it the death knell for the oft-rumoured Apple TV set? Read more

Where’s this massive HDTV from Apple, then? We’ve been waiting for the company to lift the lid on its rumoured display for a while now, but has it just completely changed its plans? The word is that getting more partners on board is now the main focus. Will Sky be among them? Read more

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Google is moving into broadband. And, as is the company’s way, it’s not doing things by halves. It’s offering a quite ridiculous 1Gbit/sec, TV services, and a terabyte of cloud storage, all under the name of Google Fiber.

It’s firing a warning shot across the bow of Apple, Comcast, Virgin Media, Sky, BT, and anyone else with designs on your lounge. The phrase ‘game changer’ is used way too much nowadays, but in this case we feel it’s justified.

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Google’s Nexus Q is a home media streamer with a very strange look. It lets you create social playlists to enjoy with friends, and watch YouTube on the big screen.

Basically, it’s Google’s version of Apple TV, with added social skills.

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Yesterday it was announced the first Google TV box will hit the UK in July, in the guise of the Sony NSZ-GS7. Google TV has been delayed again and again, and the software has been plagued with problems, but what does Apple need to do to sew up the market with its own TV? These for starters…

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Sony, Sony, Sony. We like you. We want you to do well. We want all your recent financial troubles to disappear and for you to continue to make top quality tech. But sometimes you just don’t help yourself. This is the Sony Google TV NSZ-GS7 Network Media Player 7000-K Google Boxatron 2.0 thing. And it’s not going to beat the Apple TV box. Not by a long shot. Read more

Apple’s Sir Jonathan Ive is stepping up to officially receive his knighthood today for his services to the world of design and, you know… For generally being a Brit who done good. He’s been chatting to the Telegraph during his vacation from Apple’s Cupertino campus, and has revealed a tidy tidbit of info: of all the things Ive’s dreamed up, what’s coming next is his favourite. Read more

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