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Square, the mobile payments company founded by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, has scored a real win – placement in the Apple Store. Apple is now selling the Square hardware which hooks into an iPhone/iPod touch and lets anyone process and manage credit card payments.

The Square device is the only payments product featured in US Apple stores. It’s selling for $9.95 but users get $10 of credit when they sign up for an account and the apps are free.

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iPad 2 resellers cash in while solving China’s iPad 2 shortageJust when you thought the iPad 2 craze was winding to a close, a story in the New York Times sheds light on what’s really going with Cupertino’s newest slate. Apparently, iPad 2 resellers in New York City are still spending nights in the cold, waiting to pick up as many units as Apple’s SoHo store is willing to sell. With a feeding frenzy for iPad 2s in China, resellers are cashing in as much as $400 a day shipping units overseas.

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You may have stumbled upon a few April Fools jokes this morning – but what about the ones you missed? Read on for the best tech pranks from the web. And remember, if anyone tries one after midday, they’re the fool.

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A new Apple Store is coming to Jerusalem according to the Jerusalem Post which says the store will combine both retail space and an education centre.

The interesting part of the report is the suggestion that the 50,000 sq ft Apple Store will include the world’s first Apple Digital Library for checking out e-books, movies and other digital files. The Jerusalem Post doesn’t get into specifics but with continuing chatter about an iTunes Cloud service, talk of a new Apple Store with a focus on digital borrowing is intriguing.

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iPad 2 now ships in 4-5 weeks, new shipments arriving at Apple StoresThe Apple iPad 2 craze is in full effect here in the US. After selling out within minutes online and hours in both Apple Stores and third party retailers, the world’s best tablet is becoming increasingly difficult to track down. Apple’s website now lists all models of the iPad 2 with expected availability between 4 to 5 weeks.

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That Apple Joint Venture service that was rumoured this weekend? Some more details on the small-business-friendly Genius service have emerged and a launch tomorrow’s iPad 2 event looks likely.

Apple Joint Venture will reportedly offer extra support for five Mac users (with the option to add more for a fee). The $499 annual charge will get you priority service at the Apple Store Genius Bar, phone support from business-minded Geniuses, loan machines if yours has to go in for repair and access to special workshops for Apple Joint Venture members.

Will you sign up for the Apple Joint Venture service?

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Last week we had a false alarm, but this time it looks like we’re on track for the new MacBook Pro. The Apple Store has gone offline. This means that we should be seeing the new MacBook Pro popping up in the Apple Store at around 6pm GMT.

Talk has converged on today, after we heard details of shipments, and the Intel leak. Then the MacBook Pro shipping time was upped to 3-5 days in a sign that stock was running low. Now there’s talk of the new MacBook Pro’s coming after an Intel announcement later today.

What do you think? False alarm or real deal for the new MacBook Pro? Click through to shout out in the comments!

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Apple loves a good patent and the latest shows Steve Jobs’ fanatical attention to detail – it’s for the design of the iPad stand used in Apple Stores. It follows previous patents for the layout of the Apple retail store, the glass structures used in the shops and famously the New York Apple Store’s spiral glass staircase. If you can’t see the full patent image above, click the headline to see the iPad stand in all its circular glory.

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