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The Facebook App Centre (or ‘Center’, if you’re on the other side of the Atlantic/reason), which went live earlier this year, is largely home to free apps that don’t require any cash to let you get going. But with Facebook rolling out in-billing payments, is that all about the change? Read more

Facebook has lifted the lid on its previously-announced App Center in the US, kicking things off with 600 social apps all neatly stacked up to help you find more tools to connect you and your online activities with your friends. Or is it just adding noise to the noise? We want you to tell us. Read more

Facebook has just launched the Facebook App Center, an app vestibule to call its very own. It’s an investor-pleasing move, but will it actually be of any use to users? Isn’t Facebook Connect’s auto-posting more of an annoyance than anything? We’ve been pushing this opinion for a long time, but it seems we’re not alone: Orange agrees. Read more

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