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Want to see how to put so much spin on a court-ordered apology that it might actually affect global tides? Read on for a bamboozling display of word trickery from Apple… Read more

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Last week, Tim Cook did something unexpected. He apologised for Apple Maps, the Cupertino company’s stab at a navigation app following its shunning of Google Maps.

An apology is pretty much unheard of from Apple, especially one followed by suggestions of which third party apps to use from rivals. So could this be the start of an altogether more likeable and approachable corporate ethos at Cupertino?

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Sir Howard Stringer, the British boss of Sony, has finally gone public on the PlayStation Network hack with an open letter to Sony customers. Curiously, he decides to conflate the earthquake and tsunami that recently hit Japan with the security breach.

However, he does, at least, finally put his name to an apology for the continuing PlayStation Network downtime. He says: “As a company we – and I – apologise for the inconvenience and concern caused by this attack. Under the leadership of Kazuo Hirai, we have teams working around the clock and around the world to restore your access to those services as quickly, and as safely as possible.”

Not sure what to make of Stringer’s apology? Read his full statement after the break then jump into the comments to share your thoughts with us…

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