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Apple Store employees have been told there’ll be no days off in late May which happens to be when the Apple Store‘s 10th birthday rolls around. Apple retail employees were told this week via email that they’ll be needed between May 20 and May 22. Now what could be planned for those days?

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UPDATE: Looks like Apple’s not keen on crashing the Big M’s party after all. In an rare move to stop the speculation it’s just confirmed there’ll be no new Macs before Christmas.

Rumours of a new Mac Mini and iMac being announced on Monday have been laughed at by some, claiming “Apple usually releases new products on a Tuesday.” That’s true, except this Monday is special. It’s Windows 25th birthday. Is Apple planning on being a party pooper?

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LEGO in freefall

Lego in SpaceSeven LEGO Mindstorms robots are making a trip to the edge of space as part of this years High Altitude Lego Extravaganza (H.A.L.E.) to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this programming platform.

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