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Angry Birds: you may have heard of it. Rovio’s monster mobile gaming franchise is marching towards a new title in the series, and it’s arguably the biggest tie-in yet. Angry Birds Star Wars is just a few weeks away, so here’s the latest teaser… Read more

How do you continue to flog a horse when you’ve already done so beyond its timely demise? Easy – add a few accessories. The same’s true for games, you know. And that’s probably the thinking behind Super Angry Birds, a brilliant little project by students at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design that literally drags Rovio’s game into the  physical realm… Read more

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Samsung and Rovio are bringing the Angry Birds franchise to the former’s smart TVs. And this comes just a day after news broke a version for consoles is incoming as well.

So with all the money they’re making, exactly what have these birds got to be angry about?

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Oh dear. We already knew that there were a few drawbacks to Windows Phone Tango and the lesser-specced phones that were designed to run on it, but things have just got a bit worse. Got a Nokia Lumia 610? We’ve got some disappointing news… Read more

A new teaser website has gone live today for Angry Birds Heikki, a new game from the Finnish developer Rovio. It’s not just a twist on the standard Angry Birds format, by the looks of things though: it appears to be an Angry Birds racing game.

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Back before the launch of Angry Birds Space, the web was full of rumours that Rovio was hard at work on a full-on sequel to the ornithological wonder, told from the pigs’ point of view. If that’s still on the cards, it’s obviously been pushed back somewhat: Rovio has just detailed its next major mobile release. And there’s not a pig or bird in sight… Read more

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Angry Birds is a phenomenon. It might just be the first game to reach a billion players, and it’s already spun off into a merchandising empire encompassing everything from board games to theme parks. With the news that a TV series is planned however, we decided to trawl through the archives to see how that panned out for other video game icons. The verdict? Not so well.

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Angry Birds Space. You may have caught whiff of it over the last week – it’s been making headlines on just about every tech site going, Electricpig being no different. Now Rovio’s released numbers to show how that media attention’s paid off. The numbers are huge. Read more

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