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We’re still waiting for Google TV to ship up on these shores and the news from across the Atlantic has not been that promising when it comes to the search giant’s attempt to sashay into living rooms but that could be set to change. Google has finally made a major move to bring Android apps to Google TV, something it’s been teasing since it first unveiled the platfom.

A major Google TV overhaul is reportedly in the works and a preview version of the Google TV plug-in for the Android SDK has finally made it into the wild. That’s a big deal because it’ll allow Android developers to start customising their apps for the big screen. Google says the number of apps available on the TV will be small to start with but the development makes us hopeful that we might actually see a more developed Google TV make it here.

Let us know: would you be interested in getting Google TV with Android apps into your living room? Or is the choice of a Boxee Box or Apple TV enough for you?

Out now | £NA | Google (via Techcrunch

The Blackberry PlayBook could arrive with the Android Marketplace according to Businessweek, which says its talked to several well played sources about RIM’s upcoming slate. how the Android apps will make their way to the Blackberry PlayBook’s QNX OS isn’t clear.

The move may be made possible with a virtual machine like the Alien Dalvik solution we saw earlier this week but that would mean apps would run noticeably slower than apps on a native Android tablet. The other issue is whether Google will actually certify the Blackberry PlayBook to place nice with the Android Marketplace. This one could get interesting…

Out TBC | £TBC | RIM (via Businessweek)

Been away this week? Catch up on all the news you missed here, in our weekly bitesize roundup. Among the items this week: we tell you how to get a job at Apple, the opening of the Android Market Web Store, the latest on iPad 2, iPhone 5 and the Nokia N9.

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Google didn’t just unveiled Google TV and Android Froyo. It’s also revealed plans to create an Android Market music store and allow Android users to automatically sync music from their PC or Mac to their phone. It announced that it’s snapped up Simplify Media, which previously made an iPhone app to stream music from your PC or MAc, to power the Android music syncing. Looks like Apple better hurry up and deliver iTunes streaming

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Photoshop Mobile for Android has made it to the UK. After emerging on the Android Marketplace for US and Canadian users on November 9, it’s finally ready to hit UK handsets. Read more

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