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As marketing partnerships go, there’s something about the sci-fi thrills of Halo 4 and the grown-up financial sensibilities of American Express that doesn’t quite match up. Odd then, that this is probably the most ambitious, potentially rewarding tie-up ever to hit Xbox Live… Read more

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Remember Richard Branson’s Project magazine? The one we haven’t heard much more than a peep out of since its launch? Well, if you were put off because you had to pay, you might want to take another look at Project. The debut had some technical problems, but the interactive Jeff Bridges cover looked slick, and now, thanks to a whopping great big sponsorship deal from American Express, Project magazine will be free for all, for the forseeable future.

Could this have something to so with the Apple subscription model? Branson’s sponsorship deal means that because he can give away Project magazine for free, he doesn’t have to give Apple its 30% cut.

Could more iPad magazines follow suit? Click through to shout out in the comments!

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How’s this for a cheap Blu-ray player? The Amex BD-P1 packs in decoders for Dolby Digital and DTS, as well as DVD upscaling and HDMI 1.3, all for just £135.

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