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Exclusive: Mobile World Congress doesn’t take place until the end of the month, but already, we’ve got the details on one handset expected to appear at the show. The Alcatel OT-915 is the French company’s next Android effort, packing a largely unskinned Android 2.3 and a QWERTY keyboard – and we’ve confirmed that it’s coming to the UK.

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They may not be household names – yet – but these Chinese companies have been behind some of the biggest selling phones of recent memory. And now they’re getting more of a foothold in the UK, pretty soon you really won’t be able to avoid them.

So what’s the secret to their success? What can we expect them to do next? And how are they shaping our mobile landscape? Read on to find out all about the companies you can’t afford not to know.

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The Alcatel OT-990 isn’t an Android phone for spec heads. While Samsung and HTC do battle at the top end of the market with dual-core CPUs and lavish qHD displays, this new handset is designed to lure in Pay As You Go folk, with a sub £100 price tag, but also the latest version of Android. It’s not out until August but we’ve been testing a prototype over the weekend: read on to see what we make of it.

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What a fitting product to remember the day by! While previous royal weddings have seen tie-in tea trays and biscuit tins, it is only natural that a royal wedding in the “age of the information super highway” be marked by this: a high-tech personal telephone. Should one part with ones’ hard earned gentry government hand out for one? Let us investigate.

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Roll up roll up, we’ve got a lock-up full of  Kate and Wills gadget tat that would have even the most ardent royalist turning up one’s nose at it. And who are the main culprits, so you can shun everything they ever make as penance for subjecting us to this trash? Read on and find out.

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Alcatel’s been involved in some rather crude celebrity tie ins of late (The Professor Green phone, anyone?) but this new “celebratory” edition Alcatel One Touch commemorating the royal wedding next is bit too far, one thinks.

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Alcatel is launching a Professor Green branded smartphone. Whatever this was supposed to be (young, hip, street, other words related to youth culture), it is not. This is possibly the least cool team up we’ve ever seen. Why Professor Green? And why oh why Alcatel?

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The first step towards single subscriptions and bundled contract payments for mobile devices has come around today, with the news that Alcatel One Touch has partnered with French manufacturer Archos to bundle up an Android tablet with an Android smartphone.

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