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It’s been another busy morning in tech, so let’s see what exactly went down. Read on for our lunchtime lowdown newsflash roundup.

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Got an Android phone but also rocking an Apple TV or a Sonos system? If you’ve been envying your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad-owning friends with AirPlay, you need envy no longer…

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If you want to mess about with AirPlay but don’t have an Apple TV or AirPort Express to hand to sling files from your iOS device to, here’s a solution. AirServer is a no-frills app that turns your Mac into an AirPlay receiver. Once you’ve installed it, AirServer sits in the menu bar waiting for you to select your Mac as an AirPlay receiver on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Do that and your music, video or photos will then appear on your Mac. It’ll even work with DRM-protected audio and video and is a great way of playing films or music from your friends iOS devices when they come round. AirServer will set you back $3 from the link below. You need Mac OS X 10.5 or later, iTunes 10.2.0 or above and an AirPlay-capable device running iOS 4.2.1 or higher.

Out now | $3 | AirServer

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The Sonos iPhone app and iPad app are getting a bumper update today. At long last, the high end audio streaming gurus have added multitasking support, but that’s not all – you can now stream music to your Sonos systems via AirPlay, and perhaps more usefully, in-app audio as well. There is however, one teeny tiny thing you ought to know.

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It’s the end of another busy morning in gadgetry, so grab yourself a sandwich, settle back and tuck into all the headlines, rounded up for you right here in the lunchtime lowdown.

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Up until now Apple AirPlay has been a relatively closed book to hackers thanks to a private key lurking in the code that meant they couldn’t delve deeply into the way the streaming tech works. We’ve seen lots of AirPlay-enabled hardware but thanks to the nosiness of the owner of mafipulation.org we could see a slew of unofficial apps and open source hardware.

He says (warning this is extremely nerdy): ” I was disappointed to find that Apple used a public-key crypto scheme and there’s a private key hiding inside the ApEx. So I took it apart, dumped the ROM and reverse engineered the keys out of it.” He’s now made an open source version of the AirPlay code dubbed ShairPort and if you know how to rock Perl/C, its up for grabs. If not, sit back and wait for others to do their magic.

Out now | £free | Mafipulation(via Hacker News)

We’re big fans of the Elgato EyeTV app for iPhone and iPad and it’s just got better. Elgato has released EyeTV 1.2.3 and added AirPlay support to the £2.99 app which works with Elgato hardware like the Elgato EyeTV Netstream DTT hooked up to your Mac or PC.

With AirPlay baked-in, the EyeTV app can sling both live and recorded TV from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to an Apple TV or third-party receiver with AirPlay support. That’s extremely handy indeed.

Out now | £2.99 | iTunes

Apple AirPlay TV plans rumoured

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Apple AirPlay slings audio from Apple devices to AirPlay speakers and the like right now but Bloomberg says that feature is set to expand. The rumour claims Apple is set to begin licensing AirPlay for video streaming with HDTVs with AirPlay on the cards.

The move would allow movies and TV shows to be flinged from your iPhone, iPod touch to a larger display. It sounds like a very sensible expansion to the AirPlay functionality and slightly more believable than the Apple HDTV rumours.

Out TBC | £TBC | Apple (via Bloomberg)

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