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Apple’s iPad mini has already enjoyed a fair bit of success. Apple refused to separate opening weekend sales figures into different camps for different-sized tablets, but 3 million probably says there’s at least a few of the minis leaving the store shelves. Apple’s now marching on towards Christmas with the launch of two new ads. Big Budget blockbusters? Nope – but that makes them all the better. Read more

Sony’s got a track record for doing adverts rather well. Its Bravia ads in particular are pretty awe-inspiring. You know the ones with the bouncing balls and the exploding paint? Yeah. That. Thing is, that doesn’t mean that the company gets it right all the time. In fact, we’d say the power’s gone to Sony’s head, as it’s just filed a patent application to bring game-freezing adverts to its consoles. And maybe the Sony PS4Read more

TV is starting to change. The whole ‘second screen’ phenomenon is opening new doors in terms of what you can get up to while watching the box, but it’s also a goldmine for advertisers who can tap into your tablet or phone. And that’s exactly where Shazam has just turned its attentions to. Ready for the march of the smart ads? Read more

It might have slipped you by if you’re living in the UK, but The Super Bowl, America’s biggest TV event of the year, took place on Sunday. The event drew in 111 million viewers, which mobile analysts Flurry have had a field day with in terms of data. The most interesting bit? The US won’t use their phones if Madonna’s on the screen. Read more

Best gadget adverts of 2010

2010 has been another vintage year for tech and gadget adverts. We’ve seen everything from imaginary phones to non-existent controllers. Here’s what we think are the best gadget adverts of 2010

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Just as we bring you news that Flash ads will be slouching their way to the iPhone, Google has announced that Adwords will now detect the iPhone and G1 browsers and adjust to fit.

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Just imagine… all the fun of Flash adverts right there on your iPhone, but with none of the benefits of having a working implementation of Flash! Thanks to mobile ad specialist Greystripe, what was once the stuff of dreams (just, you know, not our dreams) can become a reality.

Greystripe is offering advertisers the chance to take existing Flash adverts and convert them to an iPhone-compatible format in one of two forms – GS.Impact provides simple Flash-sourced ads while GS.Tailgate allows the creation of Flash minigames and interstitial ads that can be embedded in existing apps and games.

While it is true in a sense that Flash has finally come to the iPhone, it has only done so in a way that is of interest to advertisers – any thought you may have had of playing Tower Defence or other Flash game classics should be put to one side.

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Tokyo Gas robotThis rather odd but highly entertaining advert comes to you courtesy of Tokyo Gas and is the brief story of a chap who brings this female form robot into his home for a lesson on……….Utilities.

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