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The Palm Pre is coming soon, and Palm is ramping up its promotional efforts. The latest plan? A TV advert featuring a giant model of a Facebook page.

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iPhone OS dominates mobile web

Apple’s iPhone OS has overtaken Symbian as the most commonly detected mobile operating system on the web, according to advertisers. It seems Apple’s taken a big chunk out of the competition, despite selling fewer phones. How has it managed that? Read on to find out.

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Google is gearing up to spy on your web surfing habits so it can sell ads around what you’ve looked at over time, rather than the single page you’re viewing. It’s called behavioral targeting, and is sure to spark a new wave of privacy worries. Big brother or big bother over nothing? Read on for all the info.

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With Google behind it, you would think that advertising on the Android platform was all sewn up – especially with Google’s AdWords now able to display ads targeted at Android users via the built-in browser app. Cheeky ad upstarts AdMob have other ideas.

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ASA slaps EA over Tiger Woods ad

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The Advertising Standards Authority has hit Electronic Arts with its big standards bat for using Xbox 360 footage from Tiger Woods 09 in a TV ad, while implying it was from the Wii version of the game.

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Just as we bring you news that Flash ads will be slouching their way to the iPhone, Google has announced that Adwords will now detect the iPhone and G1 browsers and adjust to fit.

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Just imagine… all the fun of Flash adverts right there on your iPhone, but with none of the benefits of having a working implementation of Flash! Thanks to mobile ad specialist Greystripe, what was once the stuff of dreams (just, you know, not our dreams) can become a reality.

Greystripe is offering advertisers the chance to take existing Flash adverts and convert them to an iPhone-compatible format in one of two forms – GS.Impact provides simple Flash-sourced ads while GS.Tailgate allows the creation of Flash minigames and interstitial ads that can be embedded in existing apps and games.

While it is true in a sense that Flash has finally come to the iPhone, it has only done so in a way that is of interest to advertisers – any thought you may have had of playing Tower Defence or other Flash game classics should be put to one side.

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We feel a bit sorry for Bethesda, the company behind the new Fallout 3 game. It just can’t seem to put a foot right. First it was the game’s two-headed cows that upset India, then it was the lack of infanticide that upset our own Simon Munk (we’re kidding!); now miserable commuters have caused a series of high profile adverts to be pulled.

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