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The average Twitterer sees so many tweets in a single day that you’d be forgiven for naturally thinking that advertising on the platform is akin to shouting into a hurricane. But guess what: shout loud enough, and you’ll be heard… Read more

There’s always a lot of events in the calendar. Whether it’s this expo, that summit or such-and-such a showcase, there’s always something going on. And that makes standing out a bit difficult. We’ve discussed Apple’s way with invites at length, but there is another tack: be knowingly dull. Honestly… Read more

Remember a while ago there was that advert for Facebook about how it was like chairs, and no one really knew why Facebook needed to bother advertising or what it was going on about? Yeah, well, now there’s more… Read more

There’s nothing like a bit of good old exploitation to drive stacks of cash into your bank account – just ask the parents of any child you may happen to see on the TV. The kings of such financial squeezing? Undoubtedly the parents of Charlie and Harry – YouTube’s most famous brothers. Yep – them again. And guess what? They’re making a lot more monies. Read more

Samsung Smart TV is one of the key IPTV sets leading the way in terms of getting your humble glowbox online. But news from inside the Samsung camp suggests there’s about to be an addition that could change TV forever and ruin your wallet at the same time. Read more


Steve Jobs is disappointed in you. Maybe he always will be. No matter how many iMacs, iPads and iPhones fill your home, and it’s all because you’re not one of these people.

Meet Apple’s secret family. They’re the finely honed faces of Apple’s marketing drive. Used to humanise Apple products, they’re seemingly fictional, and completely perfect in every way. Except, well, they’re not.

After consulting branding and social media experts, and even a prominent psychologist, we’ve uncovered a few chinks in the armour of Apple’s marketing machine. Read on, meet the family, and we’ll show how they highlight weaknesses in Cupertino’s otherwise faultless promotional prowess.

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Best gadget adverts of 2010

2010 has been another vintage year for tech and gadget adverts. We’ve seen everything from imaginary phones to non-existent controllers. Here’s what we think are the best gadget adverts of 2010

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iphone_adUpcoming mobile advertising platform, AdMob, is bringing enhanced advertising units to iPhone ad developers this Friday. The service is already an important tool for iPhone App developers hoping to make a return on freely available software; the update will help connect users with targeted social, search, and dynamic rich media ads, and hopefully bring cash to developers.

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