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How closely do you guard your Facebook account? Are you a habitual ‘liker’, or do you only hand out that kind of trophy to a select few sites, brands and groups? Whatever end of the spectrum you sit on, you might want to double check there’s nothing in your ‘Likes’ that looks out of place – Facebook’s been accused of letting brands scoop up erroneous admiration. Read more

Remember a while ago there was that advert for Facebook about how it was like chairs, and no one really knew why Facebook needed to bother advertising or what it was going on about? Yeah, well, now there’s more… Read more

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Is Facebook doing a Google? Earlier this year, Google announced its plans to launch its own fibre-optic internet service in the US. Now it looks like Facebook’s getting in on the action too. Well, sort of. Question is, how much are you willing to bend to get free WiFi?

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The iPad mini and the new iPods are big news for Apple. Not because the products themselves are swish, but because they’ve been ushered into existence with the best ads that Apple’s managed to make for some years. Welcome back to the top tier of ad-making…  Read more

Windows 8 is coming in just a few short weeks. The launch date for the next iteration of Microsoft’s desktop and tablet OS is set for October 26th, so it’s probably about right that the first flurry of ads has just leaked online. Read more

Remember the ‘I’m a Mac, I’m a PC’ ads from a few years ago that had Justin Long doing his best to convince the world that he was an aspirational figure? Reaction was mixed at best, and Apple wisely moved away from celebrity endorsements for a while. But now enough time’s passed for us to be impressed when someone with a recognisable face appears on our living room glow-boxes, so it’s at it again. And now Apple’s Siri’s got some A-List friends. Read more

Advertising. It’s a dirty word in the mobile space, right? But would you feel any different if the odd ad here and there paid for your phone? Or your airtime? We thought so. That’s exactly what one company is working towards. Will it change the market? Read more

Best gadget adverts of 2010

2010 has been another vintage year for tech and gadget adverts. We’ve seen everything from imaginary phones to non-existent controllers. Here’s what we think are the best gadget adverts of 2010

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