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There are certain televisual events throughout the year that really signpost the seasons. When X Factor starts you know it’ll soon be getting dark at 4pm, but the real sign that Christmas is round the corner is when you first see the trucks come over the hill, and ‘Holidays are comin’’ bellow out of your TV. This is the way of things, so is it unwise of Coca-Cola to mess with the formula with a new ad? Read more

Today is exactly one year since a 14 year-old lad put a video online of a tearaway dog chasing deer on YouTube. Fenton, the dog who taught us all to follow our hearts no matter who shouts at us, has racked up in excess of 7.5 million views online, which in internet terms makes it ripe for some cashing in. Cue EE, which has taken the original and supercharged it for a new online ad. And it’s a bit weak. Read more

Apple’s iPad mini has already enjoyed a fair bit of success. Apple refused to separate opening weekend sales figures into different camps for different-sized tablets, but 3 million probably says there’s at least a few of the minis leaving the store shelves. Apple’s now marching on towards Christmas with the launch of two new ads. Big Budget blockbusters? Nope – but that makes them all the better. Read more

Today, John Lewis unleashed its Christmas ad. In the marketing world, this has come to be something of a headline maker. The store has rarely hit a bum note since it started using the Adam&Eve agency in 2009, and this year’s effort is no different. Now that legacy of impacting ads has lead to something else, though: parody. Read more

Sarah Hyland is not a gamer. Let’s just get that straight before you go jumping to any wild conclusions. Heaven forbid she let us think that she’s a gamer; it would be disastrous to her no doubt blossoming career. Gamers are obese, sweaty losers who live with their parents. Everyone knows that. Even NintendoRead more

After a hiatus from the fickle world of celebrity, Apple has recently made the decision to veer back into using ads with celeb iPhone 4S endorsements.

Whilst previous efforts starred Zooey “so kooky it hurts” Deschanel and Samuel L. “Swearword” Jackson, a couple of new ones have cropped up starring none other than hollywood oddball John Malkovich. Wanna know how to be John Malkovich? Read on. Read more

We do love a good slanging match. Apple may have started the trend with its ‘I’m a Mac, I’m a PC’ ad campaign, but Samsung and Motorola are running the show in terms of snide mobile ads. Moto’s just kicked out another, which puts the new RAZR Maxx into a battery test with the iPhone 4S. The result? You’ll have to see for yourself… Read more

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Sony’s PS Vita is set to land on the 17th of December in ints native Japan, which is why the first TV ad has already hit screens. Sony’s always had an interesting take on marketing when it comes to Playstation products, but this one kind of defies explanation. Read more

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