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Everyone wants to be famous, even if it’s just for a fraction of second. This is nothing new, and it’s a fact that’s been exploited on TV and in campaigns since forever. But there is still new ground being broken, and new ways to make people feel all special. Case in point? The upcoming Halo 4 marketing machine, which wants to recruit you and your heroic visage. Read more

Ready your purchase nerves for a bit of an onslaught. Far be it from us to jump on the ‘Christmas is just around the corner’ bandwagon when we haven’t even had Halloween yet, but… Well, it sort of is just around the corner. And the world’s biggest companies are lining up to attack your senses with ads. $5 (£3.1) billion’s worth. Read more

The Motorola Razr i is about to make a sizable splash on your TV and computer screens. The Intel-powered handset is set be the star of an ad campaign bigger than anything Moto’s done in the past, with a ‘world first’ thrown in for good measure. It’s funny what you can get done when you’re in bed with Google… Read more

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When you live and work in a world of tech, it’s very easy to lose sight of the fact that not everyone in the world knows or cares as much about mobile phones as you do. This, I imagine, is the same for tech marketing types. What makes me say that? The fact that the ad campaign for the HTC One phones is about to bring huge confusion to the high street.  Read more

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