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OK, so we know that Bungie doesn’t make Halo games anymore, but the developer was the brains and brawn behind much of the hugely successful Xbox flagship title’s history. With such a massive franchise under its belt, you can expect the world’s eyes to be upon your next big gaming series. Will ‘Destiny’, which has been revealed in an Activision contract, live up to that expectation? Read more

Update: It’s official! Check out the official website here.

Activision’s set to officially reveal the existence of the next Call of Duty game tonight, but has its sneaky, hint-heavy website already done that for us? Wanna know what we know? Read on for the details… Read more

Someone at Activision‘s obviously been on a viral marketing course. Yesterday a few leaked images seemed to point to a launch event on May 1st for the next Call of Duty game, and today a very fake, very viral-ready video takes to the web to showcase one of the game’s secret weapons. Is Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 gearing up for a near-future setting? Read on past the jump for the details. Read more

Well, well. We all knew that a Call of Duty game would be coming this year, but we didn’t realise that the game would be announced this side of E3 in June. If a blurry-cam spy shot is to be believed, the big reveal is just around the corner. What’s the situation? Read on for the full details. Read more

Nope. Let’s be honest and upfront: no Bond game past, present or future will ever beat the brilliance of the original Goldeneye game for the N64. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a spot open for a runner-up. Could Activision’s newly announced, ambitious Bond title be that game? Read on for the details. Read more

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It’s still more than six weeks to Christmas, but Modern Warfare 3, which goes on sale today, is looking so likely to outsell all comers that one bookie is already paying out. Paddy Power is already settling bets on Modern Warfare 3 as odds reached an absurdly definitely-happening 1/16, and is only offering 5/6 odds that it will go on to become the best selling video game of all time.

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Modern Warfare 3 hits shelves next Tuesday, 8 November. But those who snag a copy before the release date could run the risk of having their Xbox Live accounts frozen if they play the game early. That’s the word direct from Microsoft, relating news it’s had from the game’s publisher, Activision. Read on for all the details.

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Here’s a nice bit of Friday entertainment: Bungie has released a documentary, O Brave New World, charting its twenty year from packaging copies of Pathways Into Darkness by hand to conquering gaming with Halo.

The 55 minute film, which you can watch after the break, commemorates the studio handing over Halo development to 343 Industries and includes some glimpses of Bungie at work on its next game, an MMO for Activision.

A new symbol which seems to relate to that new Bungie universe pops up throughout the documentary and appears again at the very end to tease us. Click through to take a look for yourself and hit the comments to share your Halo memories and what you want Bungie to do next…

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