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About a year ago we brought you the full lowdown on what 4G is, how it works, and when it’ll be coming to the UK.

So what’s happened over the last 12 months? Where are our 4G handsets? And when will we actually have 4G networks up and running? We’ve spoken to the industry experts for an update, and we have to warn you, there’s a lot of squabbling going on…

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Ofcom has announced its plans for auctioning off the 4G spectrum to the networks, but it’s bad news: bidding won’t start until early 2013. It was hoped the auction would take place before the end of this year, and that was delayed from the beginning of 2012.

Delays, delays. At this rate we’re set to be years behind the rest of the world for deploying 4G.

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We’re calling each other less and less. That’s according to the latest Ofcom annual report, which says that for the first time, the number of calls on mobiles and landlines has fallen. Instead, we’re texting more.

We’re also emailing, tweeting and Facebooking each other like nobody’s business, of course. What would poor old Bob Hoskins say, eh?

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Remember where you were on this day, for today is the day that the battle to provide the cheapest mobile tariff with unlimited data truly begins. Virgin has just unveiled its secret weapon: Virgin Premiere, and it should have Three rather worried… Read more

Waiting for 4G in the UK? Yeah, us too. It’s a bit of a shame that the US gets blazing fast mobile web and we’re chugging along at 3G. Still, it is coming, and hopefully soon. To that end, O2 and Vodafone have just put pen to paper to sign a deal that’ll allow both of them to share mobile sites. The 4G mobiles cometh… Read more

No, Samsung. Just… No. Not fair. What you’re looking at on the right here is reportedly the version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 that will be launched in its native South Korea. Notice the huge differences in design? Notice that it looks a lot better? Yeah, us too. So just what’s going on? Read more

We’re still looking across the pond with envious eyes: those lucky tech buyers stateside have access to 4G mobile internet access and we don’t. Now even our iPads have ‘4G’ carved onto the back without even proffering 4G speeds. Luckily, O2 is making headway with bringing the tech to us, and has just released its first results. They’re pretty impressive… Read more

After the new iPad announcement we felt compelled to explain, in no uncertain terms, that its 4G powers are meaningless in this country. Why did we have to do that? Because Apple’s made a pig’s ear of doing so itself. So much so, in fact, that Australian Apple stores have had to begin accepting refunds over the 4G confusion… Read more

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