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Ready for supercharged mobile web speeds? So’s Everything Everywhere. The mega-corp formed of Orange and T-Mobile has just announced the UK’s first 4G mobile tariffs. Will it power the iPhone 5? Read on for all the details.

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Whether you’re eyeing up the Nexus 7 or are waiting to see the iPad mini, our advice would be to hold of buying any tablets for a short while. Why? Well, while it’s definitely worth seeing what Apple pulls out of the bag, it appears as though Google’s got a surprise up its sleeve, too. Read more

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So here we are in day two of the O2 service outage. Anyone with an O2 phone should be able to make calls now, according to the network, but the 3G is still borked.

Its advice? Turn it off then on again, and deactivate the 3G and you should be fine. But many are finding that’s not the case…

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Remember where you were on this day, for today is the day that the battle to provide the cheapest mobile tariff with unlimited data truly begins. Virgin has just unveiled its secret weapon: Virgin Premiere, and it should have Three rather worried… Read more

Waiting for 4G in the UK? Yeah, us too. It’s a bit of a shame that the US gets blazing fast mobile web and we’re chugging along at 3G. Still, it is coming, and hopefully soon. To that end, O2 and Vodafone have just put pen to paper to sign a deal that’ll allow both of them to share mobile sites. The 4G mobiles cometh… Read more

You know what it’s like: you’re trapped in a war zone and really need to update Twitter to tell the world what you had for lunch. Luckily, the micro-blogging site has just signed up with two satellite networks to allow tweeting from the most desolate areas on the planet. Read more

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Vodafone has released its pricing model for the PS Vita ahead of its February 22nd UK launch date. This is the 3G PS Vita we’re looking at – the one with a SIM card built in. So what’ll it cost you? And what goodies will you get in return? Read on to find out. Read more

O2 has issued a statement on its official blog to clarify what the hell’s been going on with its coding. The problem, in case you missed it, was that O2 has been making your mobile number available to every website you browse on your phone. Read more

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