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Nintendo has announced its financial results for the first quarter ending at the end of June, and things aren’t looking too rosy.

The company lost 10.3 billion yen – that’s $132m, or £85m in proper money. Though that’s actually an improvement on the same period last year, when it lost 37.7 billion yen. Tough times.

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Nintendo posted some pretty awful financial figures this week. Its investor meeting revealed the company’s first ever annual loss – a loss of £330 million at that. When the numbers are that red, what do you do? Shake up your systems, that’s what. And Nintendo’s got a plan up its sleeve… Read more

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Nothing goes unnoticed online. Whether it’s the quiet filing of patents or registering some revealing new domains, someone will pick it up. Nintendo has just been spotted doing the latter, and our money’s on a new Mario title for the Wii U. Read on for the full details. Read more

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This week Sony launched the PS Vita in the UK, its fight against the onslaught of mobile gaming from the likes of the iPhone and Android, as well as a big, noisy warning shot in the general direction of the Nintendo 3DS. Analysts are predicting big sales, but will it turn the handheld gaming tide? Read more

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Do you fondly remember the Dreamcast? If so, you’ll remember such unforgettable classics as Jest Set Radio (Jet Grind Radio, if you’re in the States), Shenmue and, erm… Seaman. If the latter’s more your speed you’re in luck: the disturbingly brilliant fish with a man’s head is bound for a comeback.

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Remember the Nintendo Wii U unveiling at E3 last year? Remember how confusing it was, and how loads of people thought that the tablet gaming controller was just an add-on for the existing Wii? Nintendo’s got itself into a worried state and may be on the verge of a complete rebranding. Read more

Nintendo’s having a tough time with the 3DS, but the Wii U could be about to open up a door to a new world of gaming. It’s got our opinion split, so we’ve decided to duke it out with words: should Ninty pull the plug on hardware altogether? Read more

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The Circle Pad Pro add-on for the Nintendo 3DS is an ugly old beast. It’s been born out of necessity due to Nintendo’s frankly ludicrous decision to omit a second joystick for the 3DS at launch. Now it seems it’s so cumbersome that it actually needs its own source of power.  Read more

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