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When you’re shooting the prequel(s) to the fantasy genre’s most well-received set of movies ever made, you want to make sure you’re using the best tech available to you. Or better than that, if possible. Peter Jackson knows this, which is why he’s using the most advanced HD camera tech in the world for the two Hobbit movies. And it’s also why his cameras float. Read more

You know ZTE, right? If not, you probably should. The Chinese manufacturer is on track to completely blow up in the international mobile market. At the moment the only ZTE handsets we see on these shores are budget numbers that get rebranded as network-exclusives, but that’s about to change. And to help ZTE move from unknown to mega-power, it’s just added a new weapon to its arsenal. Read more

A while back we posted an article about how Microsoft is gearing up to bring Kinect to the desktop, and what that’ll mean for the future of PC computing. All our crazy predictions still stand, but is it definitely going to be Kinect that makes them a reality? Perhaps not, if Leap Motion has anything to say about it. Wanna see the real future of computing? Read on… Read more

UPDATE: It looks like LG’s definition of Europe is different to ours, as a company spokesperson has announced that the LG Optimus 3D Max won’t be coming to the UK, just the rest of the continent. Repeat: The LG Optimus 3D Max will NOT be coming to the UK.

Just look at those horses! They’re all 3D, like! As you can probably see, LG’s still putting a considerable amount of its mobile eggs in the 3D basket and hoping for the best. The LG Optimus 3D Max, first unveiled at MWC 2012, has just had the green light to deploy in Europe after initially declaring that it wouldn’t reach the UK. Is this the first 3D smartphone you’ll actually want? or is there a major flaw? Read on for all the details… Read more

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LG’s had a busy week. After the LG Optimus Vu had us reaching for our tape measures and the LG Optimus 3D Cube had us wondering just what’s in the water at LG HQ, the company has finally unveiled a normal, powerful flagship phone to compete with the top tier: the LG Optimus 4X HD. Read more

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LG’s still convinced that the one thing you really want from your smartphone is 3D, eye-popping imagery. Despite poor uptake on these shores of both the LG Optimus 3D and the HTC EVO 3D, the company has just announced the LG Optimus 3D Cube for the Korean market. How long before it lands in the UK? Read more

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The HTC EVO 3D sprang into view in the UK at around the same time as the LG Optimus 3D, almost 6 months ago. But is that enough time for the novelty to have worn off? Asda’s now selling HTC’s tri-dimensional handset for a criminally low price. Read more

This is the WikiPad: a 3D, glasses-free tablet that’s serious about gaming and is gunning for some of the market share that Nintendo’s 3DS has. Its spec sheet ticks all the right boxes, packing in technology two years in the making. Read more

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