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Best viral videos of 2011

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YouTube has recently released its pick of the choicest viral videos for 2011, based on views. But the most viewed aren’t necessarily always the best. Allow us to fill in the blanks with our proper list of 2011’s finest online celluloid. Read more

iphone 5With the iPhone 5 allegedly due out late next month or early October, industry insider DigiTimes has come forward with its 2011 iPhone shipments and forecasts. The site believes 2011 iPhone shipments will reach 95 million units, a surge of 138 percent compared to the 39.85 million shipped in 2010. Even more impressive are the iPhone 5 shipments which are estimated to reach 25.5 to 26 million in 2011 — that’s more than the combined 2010 third and fourth iPhone shipments.

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Nokia’s plan to bring Windows Phone 7 to its smartphones was revealed this morning. In the wake of that announcement, we’ve now also got a timescale for the implementation of the plans between Steve and Stephen.

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The Electrolux Design Lab 2011 is now open for submissions, but if you’re concerned with realism, and feasibility, it’s probably best to step away now. Last year gave us a fridge made from green gunk, that could be fitted to the ceiling, a virtual reality headset that read your mind and then told robots what to make you for dinner, and a wardrobe that cleaned your clothes with microbes. Click through for the theme and video for this year’s competition.

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Facebook is the most popular social networking tool around. It’s also the best for stalking friends old and new. But with more and more folk signing up, it can all get a bit too much for those that prefer a bit of privacy. And then there’s the constant updates. Oh the updates! What you need is a Facebook detox. Read on for our guide to de-cluttering your Facebook account, ready for 2011.

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10 gadget resolutions for 2011

Good morning – or afternoon, depending on how last night went. 2010 is over at last and if you are anything like us you will have accrued a few more gadgets over the festive period. But what of this year? There are going to be some changes here at Electricpig Towers, we can tell you that much. And you should think about your own gadget resolutions for 2011.

Don’t let us change our ways alone. Check out our new year resolution ideas below, and tell us your own in the comments section at the bottom of the page, gadgety or not!

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More news from the Apple rumourmill, with new models of the MacBook Pro and iMac allegedly in the pipeline for the first half of 2011, alongside the rumoured iPad 2 launch. The upgraded MacBook Pro notebooks will feature a slight change in chassis design and an upgrade to the new Lion operating system. Sources form component makers have revealed that Apple has plans to launch at least four upgraded MacBook Pro models, as well as an iMac with a new panel size and price point “for the mainstream market”.

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HTC expect to ship 45 to 50 million units in 2011?We love our HTC smartphones and apparently so does the rest of the world — to the tune of 45 to 50 million units in 2011. According to a report from industry insider DigiTimes, HTC is currently in talks with PCB makers about orders for 2011. Will HTC be able to keep up with the growing demand for their beloved smartphones?

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